Metascapes is a unique photography collaboration formed between photographers and artificial intelligence, aiming to bridge the gap between reality and the Metaverse. Three landscape photographers collectively uploaded their entire life’s work, more than 2,500 fully edited images, onto the generative adversarial network of Versus Lab AI technology. This raw data set effectively trained the GAN model
to create hyper realistic landscapes, utilizing the photographer’s styles, color palettes, and compositions. GAN has taken every experience in every country that they have ever traveled to across the world and generated its own world in the Metaverse.

Metascapes — a symbolic representation of the Metaverse — the real mixed with the generated, the border between reality and unreality, the slight strangeness of the online world.  We curated the most beautiful outputs of our model and are releasing them as a limited edition NFT collection.
about us
2555 hand-picked AI pieces, including 266 videos, of a unique collaboration between Cath, Ryan, Iurie and Artificial Intelligence, bridging the natural and the supernatural. The “uncanny valley” effect is the eerie feeling viewers get when presented with an almost-but-not-quite-lifelike person or scene, often one created with artificial intelligence (AI).

About the AI


A GAN is composed of two networks, 
the generator and the discriminator, which learn together through friendly AI competition.

the generator

The generator initially creates random images, and the discriminator is fed a stream of images created by the generator network and the real training data.

The discriminator

The discriminator identifies which are the real images and which are the fake ones, and passes instructions back to the generator on how to improve.


Both networks vie for superiority: the generator tries to trick the discriminator into thinking the generations are real, and the discriminator tries to identify the details that distinguish real images from fake images.


The end state of the network is when the discriminator has reached 50% accuracy 
on guessing whether an image is real or generated — when its discriminating powers are reduced to a coin flip because the generations are indistinguishable from real images.

LIKE A human

In the end, these two AI networks have taught each other how to be landscape photographers.

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The collection consists of 2555 hand-picked AI pieces, including 266 videos, of a unique collaboration between Cath Simard, Ryan Newburn, Iurie Belegurschi and Artificial Intelligence, bridging the natural and the supernatural. Minting is over, but you can buy on any NFT marketplace.
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nft iceland camp

Perpetual priority access to NFT Iceland Camp for rare piece holders

emerging artists

Collect from emerging artists + Exhibition


Unique giveaways to Metascapes holders


We plant trees! A part of the proceeds will be donated to Give Back to Nature


Creative airdrops to Metascapes holders

ai collaborations

Unique AI collaborations with artists

NFT camp

NFT Iceland Camp will be a multi day long exclusive event coming in late 2022. This camp will be a gathering of artists, collectors, creatives, and builders all with the purpose of driving innovation and fun within the NFT community. Attendees can expect a myriad of artwork, interesting panels, insightful guest speakers, and outdoor events that highlights the awe of Icelandic nature.

Metascapes holders with rare pieces will have presale access to the sale of the tickets for the camp. All remaining tickets will go to public sale of any Metascapes holder. More details coming later in 2022.


Cath Simard


Cath Simard is a Canadian-born photographer, digital artist and SONY Alpha ambassador with an instantly recognizable style that meticulously blends reality with her own imagination. With her leadership in the NFT space and innovation, she has helped push the boundaries of photography.

Iurie Belegurschi


Iurie Belegurschi is an internationally acclaimed nature photographer with a passion for the outdoors and the Arctic Region. Self-taught, he is renowned for capturing the power, majesty, and vulnerability of the world’s most spectacular landscapes.

Ryan Newburn


Ryan Newburn is an American landscape photographer living as a glacier guide in Iceland. For the last four years, Ryan has explored and photographed hundreds of glaciers and ice caves, making it his mission to tell the story of the ice, creating visually stunning pieces that inspire both curiosity and awe of our world.


Versus Labs

Prometheus is an AI research scientist, working on pushing the limits of generative model capabilities. In addition to improving quality and speed, his research aims to foster creativity and motivation in deep neural networks.


Versus Labs

Pandora is a software architect who specializes in infrastructure and backend engineering. She has been an engineering leader at multiple companies in the financial technology and machine learning spaces, and has now set her gaze on web3.

Cooper Sherwin

Discord Team

Cooper Sherwin is a web3 community developer and project advisor from Philadelphia specializing in NFT strategy, crypto culture, and discord design. He has led multiple projects to Opensea's #1 trending position, most notably @hythacg's Rowhomes.

Jerad Armijo

Discord Team

Jerrad is a landscape photographer who uses synesthesia, minimalism, and surrealism to express his life’s journey. Utilizing otherworldly, desolate, and surreal scenes with peculiar colors, poetry and stories. 


Discord Team

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We plant trees!
A part of the proceeds will be donated to Give Back to Nature.